Fresh Flower Subscription | 4 Weeks

Color Palette:

Have weekly flowers delivered to your doorstep for homes/offices. Adorn your living spaces with fresh blooms without any fuss!

How it works:

1) Choose and purchase your preferred theme/palette from here.
2) Expect your first pretty vase of flowers on the day you selected on checkout page.
3) Subsequently, flowers will be changed weekly, with our driver collecting back the previous week's vase.
The look of arrangement will vary each time, but colors will still be in line with the palette that you have picked.
4) At the end of the subscription, you get to keep the vase!

Vases used will vary each time, and will be chosen to suit the type of floral arrangement presented to you.

Vase arrangement comes in 3 sizes, approximate widths are:
Classic Size: 20 - 25cm
Grand Size: 26 - 32cm
Extra Grand Size: 33 - 40cm

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