DIY | Everlasting Flower Kit

Bundle Size:
Add-On Floral Shears x 1 (+$18.00):

Can't get enough of flowers and wish they'll last longer?

Indulge in our Do-It-Yourself everlasting flower bundles consisting of dried and preserved blooms! Each preserved bloom will be already prepared and ready for you to create your own jar masterpiece for gifting or to simply display it on your working or living spaces!

You can choose to add on a jar or a pair of floral shears if you wish!

Each kit will contain:
1) At least 6 kinds of flowers, fillers and foliage, and the number of stalks for each type will be depending on the bundle size you choose.
2) 1 x Pair of Floral Shears (Optional, +$18. Floral shears can be used on potted plants and fresh flowers as well)
3) Jar (Optional, +$10. Please select the option above if you do not have a vase and wish to add one on.)

3 Bundle Sizes Available:
Classic Size Bundle: Flowers given will be enough to create small size arrangements, of about 20cm in width.
Grand Size Bundle: Flowers given will be enough to create arrangements, of about 25cm in width.
Extra Grand Size Bundle: Flowers giv en will be enough to create large jar arrangements, of about 30cm in width.

Things to note:
* Flowers, dried and preserved, which are given will be different each time, and will depend on availability.

* Jars will NOT be automatically included as some of you might already have your own vases. Do add on the jar if you do not have your own and would like to get ours.

* Type of jar given will vary in accordance to the bundle size given.

* Types of dried and preserved flowers given are non-customizable. If in the event you wish to request specific blooms and colors, it will be subjected to availability, and additional costs may apply.



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