Florist's Choice | Moët & Chandon Bloom Box [Customized]

Flower Arrangement Color Palette:

Take your champagne gifting up a game with a bottle of the classic!

Give us the creative license to design a special bespoke arrangement on your behalf! With us using a mix of the very best blooms that we have daily, let us curate a beautiful floral arrangement for you to surprise your loved ones. Pick a color palette, leave the rest to us!

Have your favourite colors in a box, beautifully arranged and paired with your preferred Moët & Chandon champagne choice!

All blooms, fillers flowers, and foliage will be chosen by our florists based on the color palette selected in your options. They will be unique and one-in-a-million!

Arrangement comes in 1 size, measuring about 38cm in width, and 20cm in height.

* Drop us a message if you wish to personalise your Moët & Chandon champagne choices. Additional top-ups may be required.

* For custom sizes, types of blooms and designs, please contact us! 

* For corporate or bulk orders, do also contact us here

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