Everlasting Jar Evessa [Color Options]

$67.50 $75
Color Palette:

Dried and preserved flowers with rose, delicately arranged in rustic jars. Sweet, pastel blooms for you!

Subtle hints of eucalyptus scents, perfect for table top displays! 

Arrangement comes in 2 sizes, approximate dimensions are:
Small Jar: 18cm tall x 20cm wide
Large Jar: 28cm tall x 26cm wide

* Dried/Preserved flowers received may not resemble the pictures entirely as each arrangement is hand-crafted and made exclusively. All shapes are unique, and are also subjected to availability. In the event of unavailability of any shown flowers, we will substitute them with the closest colour and style of the same or higher value.

* For custom sizes, types of blooms and designs, please contact us! 

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